Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

Starting in 2009, Breezy Gardens is now open for Thanksgiving and Christmas! During November we continue to sell a lot of locally grown produce, though our selection is not quite as large as it is during the summer. During this time we offer a lot of Thanksgiving decorations such as dried flowerbouquets and arrangements, Indian Corn door/wall and table decorations, pumpkins, and more. Stop by to seel what else we have!

During December we begin offering a variety of different Christmas decorations. We have a large assortment of dried flower arrangments (old fashioned wooden lanterns and trucks), wreaths, ornaments, gift cards and more! We also now offer a variety of Christmas Trees for a great price! The kids will love getting to pick out a Christmas Tree and as the parent, you won’t have to traipse through the woods to do so! Even though it’s December we are still able to offer a small variety of produce, including potatoes, onions and our own winter squash. Be sure to stop by to see what else we have and to buy the perfect gift for the gardner in your family!

Please note that during November and December hours are limited and may vary. If you are unsure about hours, please feel free to give us a call. 508-892-9201