Release the bugs!

We have enlisted the help of biological control agents to control some of the toughest, despicable and darn right nasty greenhouse pests. Pests include the western flower thrips, whitefly, aphide, fungas, gnats, shoreflies & spider mites. These pests feed on your plants and destroy them. With the help of the biological agents in the greenhouse, we can eliminate these common pests without the use of chemicals. Most important, the biological agents are carnivores so they will not eat your plants !

Meet the Players –

1 – Ambkyseius Cuccmeris – this is a tiny microsap preditor mite which feeds on the thrips larvae.  They are very territorial, mobile and will feed on other mites.

2- Staphylinid Beetle – feeds on fungas gnats larvae

3- Aphidoletes aphidimyza – feeds on aphide, shoreflies.